On Earth Day and Every Day, Cadiz is dedicated to sustainability - Mission Agua Cadiz
Somos una empresa pública de recursos naturales que posee 70 millas cuadradas de propiedad y recursos hídricos en el sur de California. Desde la década de 1980, hemos operado un desarrollo agrícola en el valle de Cádiz, en el este del condado de San Bernardino y California. Actualmente estamos enfocados en asociarnos con agencias públicas de agua para implementar el Proyecto de agua de Cádiz, que creará un nuevo suministro de agua para aproximadamente 100,000 familias del sur de California y poner a disposición hasta 1 millón de acres-pie de nueva capacidad de almacenamiento de agua subterránea. Guiados por una estrategia holística de gestión de la tierra, estamos dedicados a buscar proyectos de desarrollo de recursos sostenibles y practicar la administración responsable de nuestros activos únicos de tierra y agua.
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On Earth Day and Every Day, Cadiz is dedicated to sustainability

On Earth Day and Every Day, Cadiz is dedicated to sustainability

Today, we celebrated Earth Day 2020, the 50th Anniversary of the special day set aside to appreciate and consider the impact we have on the planet in our daily lives.  It also presents an opportunity for us at Cadiz to take a moment and express gratitude for the unique water and land assets we are charged with protecting and managing.

This particular Earth Day, which is marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are especially grateful for our ranch work force – the men and women who have continued to plant and sustainably manage the crops, water, land and natural assets at Cadiz without missing a beat. Today alone we planted 50,000 new hemp plants and cared for those already in the ground. We also continue to host thousands of acres of lemons and seasonal plants and vegetables.

By the end of April, we will have 250 acres – 800,000 hemp plants –in the ground as we continue to march towards our goal of delivering our first commercial hemp crop in 2020. We believe we will have  a sun-grown, fully organic hemp product that can deliver ‘in-demand’ cannabinoids, but also deliver on the promise of creating a brighter future for our planet by supporting alternatives to resource intensive products like plastic, concrete, cotton, paper, and fuel.

Today – Earth Day – also reminds us that we have no water to waste.  The Earth’s surface is more than 70% water, but less than 1%of that is both fresh and accessible.     At Cadiz, for over 30 years, we have sustainably relied on  fresh groundwater to irrigate our lands, but each year more than 10 billion gallons of fresh groundwater is still draining to saline lakes and then being lost to evaporation. Thus far in 2020, three billion gallons of fresh groundwater have already been lost.  For these reasons among others, we are committed to continuing to implement projects that stop this loss and manage this important resource for all communities in need of sustainable fresh water supplies.

With patience, precision and dedication to sustainability, we can manage the earth’s precious resources for all.  Happy Earth Day 2020!




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