Cadiz Completes $107.5M Refinancing Package

New Credit Facility and Preferred Stock Replace Existing Debt and Provide Working Capital for ongoing Asset Development.   LOS ANGELES, July 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —  Today, Cadiz Inc. (“the Company,”NASDAQ: CDZI) is pleased to announce the closing of a new, long-term $50 million, 7% senior secured credit facility agented by B Riley Securities, Inc. (the “BRS […]

Securing Southern California’s Water Future with the Help of the Cadiz Water Project

Inland Empire Community News By Courtney Degener  July 10, 2018 The creation of California’s water supply and delivery system generations ago was a feat of innovation and engineering that allowed the state to become one of the most desired places in the country to live today.  For decades, these traditional supplies supported the competing demands […]

Letter to the Editor: Cadiz Water Project for Water, Jobs and the Environment By Courtney Degener

April 10, 2018 Dear Editor: Last month’s article, “Cadiz Controversy, Is the environment at risk?” left out critical information about the Cadiz Water Project and allowed untrue claims by project opponents to go unchecked. As a result, the story established a false choice for your readers between the Project’s “water and jobs” on one […]

Op-Ed: The myths used to needlessly delay the Cadiz water project, debunked | L.A. TIMES

Los Angeles Times, Blowback 9-22-17 California is world-renowned for its protection of natural resources, and its environmental laws are America’s strongest — far more stringent than their federal equivalents. In fact, the rigor of California’s environmental process has caused many high-profile projects to seek legislative exemptions from state review. So when a critical infrastructure project […]

OP-ED Cadiz plan a vetted project that will bring jobs, water security

By Paul Granillo, Special to The Desert Sun (Op/Ed) April 26, 2017 Earlier this month, the Interior Department reversed course on a controversial policy that blocked the development of much needed infrastructure, water and jobs in Southern California, including the Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery & Storage Project. The Cadiz Water Project is a public-private […]

Conservation and Sustainable Management of Groundwater in Desert is Worthy of Support Courtney Degener, Cadiz, Inc. February 14, 2017 [Over the past few years KCET has run several stories critical of the proposed Cadiz water project. We thought it only fair to offer a representative from Cadiz an opportunity to share that company’s viewpoint. — eds.] Commentary: Over the last two decades, California has grappled with […]

OPINION: New administration should end BLM’s stalling of Cadiz water project San Bernardino Sun

Jan. 7, 2017 By ROCCO DAVIS / Contributing writer There’s a new threat to California’s water supply and it’s not drought — it’s the phenomena of fake news and fact-free assertions taking aim at the Cadiz water project. In communications throughout the state, those fighting this project have painted it as being on federal land, […]

Congress should fix regulation halting Cadiz project, others: Guest commentary

Congress should fix regulation halting Cadiz project, others: Guest commentary By Rocco Davis San Bernardino Sun Saturday, November 26, 2016 When it comes to the future of the American West, few things are as important as fundamental infrastructure. The challenge of fixing all that ails it, after more than a generation of neglect, is daunting. […]

Cadiz Water Project will provide safe, sustainable water supply

To meet the water supply challenges that face Southern Californians, we will need to implement a variety of supply options. Different options need fair review and deserve accurate portrayals. Unfortunately, in their recent criticism of the Cadiz Water Project, “Coastkeeper speaks out against Cadiz desert water pumping plan [1],” O.C. Coastkeeper seemed intent on fabricating what […]